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Know our FAQs

Keep your team on the cutting edge of the industry, while you keep your training costs under control. With complete and unlimited access to over 5,000+ videos, 40+ books, curated learning paths, and access to monthly Professional Development Seminars, there’s never been a better time to grow and train your teams.

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What are the Kodeco Team & Enterprise Subscriptions?

The Kodeco Team & Enterprise Subscriptions are the easiest way to give your development team full access to the largest catalog of iOS, Android and Flutter video courses and books on the internet. With centralized billing, simple license and team management, and dashboard team analytics, it’s simply the best way to keep your team up-to-date with their mobile development skills.

What’s the difference between an individual subscription and the Team & Enterprise Subscriptions?

An individual subscription gets one person access to video courses and books. Team & Enterprise Subscriptions let you purchase and manage multiple seats for your team so they can access all of our video courses and book content. It enables you to create and manage a group of subscribers, with one single invoice. Team & Enterprise Subscriptions also give you centralized license management, team analytics, and a single point of billing.

What is a license?

A license is the same thing as a seat; you’ll need a license for each team member that requires access to Kodeco. For example, if you have five developers on your team, you’ll need five licenses. The subscription administrator does not need a license, unless the administrator also wants access to the video courses and screencasts.

How do I assign licenses?

When you first set up your Kodeco Team or Enterprise Subscription, you can assign team members by providing their email addresses during the setup sequence. You can also add team members at any time by adding their emails through the Team & Enterprise Subscription dashboard. Your team members will receive email invites to join the team and set themselves up under your Team or Enterprise Subscription.


Can I add more licenses?

Yes! Simply reach out to our Team & Enterprise support group at and they'll be happy to provision more licenses on your account.


How does billing work?

You’ll be asked to provide a payment method at the time you set up your Team or Enterprise Subscription, for the full yearly cost of the number of licenses you’ve requested to add. Payment processing is handled through our third-party payment processor, Paddle.


Can I reassign the administrator of a plan?

Yes! Simply reach out to and we'll get you straightened around.