Kodeco Android Development Workshops

Kodeco's Android Development Workshops are a unique opportunity for your team to deepen their understanding of the world's most used mobile OS. Browse the topics below, and fill in the form to get the sample agendas. Please note, the exact agenda will be customized based on your company's objectives after we've received your interest.

Introduction to Kotlin Coroutines

Coroutines leverage a particular design pattern to simplify code that executes asynchronously. This helps your developers manage long-running tasks that might otherwise block the main thread and cause unresponsiveness.

Deep Dive Into Android Architecture Components

Understanding different architecture approaches on the Android platform enables developers to build robust, scalable, and maintainable applications.

Effective Unit Testing in Android

Writing effective unit tests and UI tests for your Android applications will significantly improve the quality and reliability of your core products.

UI Design With Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose provides a fresh, Kotlin-first approach to UI development, and also brings improvements over the existing Android UI Toolkit.

Mastering Android Performance Optimization

Modern toolsets offer valuable insights into common performance issues in Android apps, aiding in their detection and diagnosis while recommending best practices to preemptively avoid these challenges in the future.

Exploring Modern Android Development Tools

This workshop provides a deep dive into Android Studio, Gradle, Kotlin DSL, and other essential tools for modern Android development.

Real-World Android App Development With Firebase

Leverage Firebase to take your apps to the next level with in-platform management of user authentication, data storage, push notifications, analytics, and more.

Working with HTTP & Retrofit

This workshop enables teams to work with REST APIs using the Android Retrofit library, including token-based authentication, handling various HTTP methods, and error handling.

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