Kodeco Flutter Development Workshops

Leap into the future of mobile app development with Kodeco's Flutter Development Workshops. These hands-on experiences, guided by industry experts, will empower your team to build beautiful and efficient cross-platform applications. Browse the topics below, and fill in the form to get the sample agendas. Please note, the exact agenda will be customized based on your company's objectives after we've received your interest. 

Flutter & Dart Basics

Cross-platform development has leveled up significantly with the introduction of the Flutter toolkit and the Dart language. “Write once, run everywhere” is quickly becoming a reality. Bring this flexibility to your own apps

Building UI With Flutter

In the Flutter paradigm, nearly everything comes down to widgets. Giving your team a deep understanding of how to use widgets to build UI in Flutter will lead to attractive and performant mobile apps.

State Management in Flutter

State management is one of the most critical concepts in Flutter. Managing the state of an app so that it reacts to user input and changes over time involves decisions on the correct approach, including Provider, Riverpod, and BLoC.

Networking & Persistence in Flutter

Without networking, apps are simply standalone curiosities. Connecting apps to the world at large brings them to life and makes them infinitely more useful.

Testing in Flutter

Writing effective unit tests and UI tests for your Flutter applications will significantly improve the quality and reliability of your core products.

Advanced Flutter: Custom Animations & Transitions

The industry uses the term “surprise and delight” when it comes to building engaging UI — but how will your team achieve that?

Building a Complete App With Flutter

This workshop will take participants through the entire Flutter application creation and build cycle, including release prep at the end of the process. By the time you’re done, your team will know best practices to ensure a flawless delivery process every time.

Flutter for Web & Desktop

Unlock the full potential of Flutter beyond mobile with our 'Flutter for Web & Desktop' workshop. Dive into the nuances of building responsive, high-performance applications that run seamlessly across web browsers and desktop platforms.

Integrating Flutter With Native Code

The Flutter toolkit sits on top of native code, and while Flutter provides some impressive features, it doesn’t — and shouldn’t — provide everything your app needs. Master the art of seamless integration with this workshop.

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