Kodeco iOS Development Workshops

In Kodeco's iOS Development Workshops, your team will explore the world of Apple's innovative platform under the expert guidance of industry leaders. Whether it's mastering Swift and SwiftUI, navigating Xcode, or delving into design guidelines, we've got you covered.

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Swift & SwiftUI Basics

Level up your team’s skills with the fundamentals of Swift, the primary programming language for iOS apps, and SwiftUI, the revolutionary UI toolkit for app building!

Advanced Swift & SwiftUI

Teams who have a handle on core Swift and SwiftUI will benefit from deeper and meaningful exploration of more complex topics including asynchronous programming, generics, advanced state management, and using SwiftUI with UIKit.

Unit Testing & UI Testing in iOS

Writing effective unit tests and UI tests for your iOS applications will significantly improve the quality and reliability of your core products.

Performance Optimization for iOS Apps

Memory management, concurrency, and efficient data processing are all critical for ensuring your iOS apps run smoothly.

App Architecture & Design Patterns in iOS

Understanding different architecture patterns such as MVC, MVVM, VIPER lets you build scalable and maintainable applications.

Accessibility & Internationalization in iOS Apps

Making applications accessible and usable for all users, regardless of their ability or language, is an important aspect of app development.

Core Data & Database Management with SwiftUI

Core Data is an essential data persistence framework in iOS to manage the model layer in your app.

Integrating With Apple Services

Developers need to interact seamlessly with multiple Apple services, including iCloud, HealthKit, Apple Pay, and more.

iOS Security Best Practices

The importance of comprehensive and controlled approaches to digital security cannot be overstated.

Building Augmented Reality Experiences With ARKit and RealityKit

Augmented Reality (AR) provides groundbreaking experiences and new paradigms of interactions in user environments, particularly on mobile.

Seamless Deployment: A Practical Workshop on CI/CD for iOS Developers

As apps and organizations scale, providing robust and repeatable build environments becomes a critical and irreplaceable component of team efficiency and success.

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