Unlock the Power of Mobile Development With Kodeco's Expert-Led Workshops

Unlock your team's potential with Kodeco's transformative mobile development workshops. Conducted by seasoned industry experts, our workshops offer comprehensive training in in-demand skills like iOS and Android development. 

Beyond mastering the technical aspects, our Professional Growth workshop is designed to empower your development team with the essential soft skills needed to drive organizational excellence. Elevate your company's mobile capabilities and accelerate your team's growth under Kodeco's expert guidance.

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iOS & Swift
Android & Kotlin
Flutter & Dart
Professional Growth

* Please note that workshop facilitation depends on instructor availability.

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In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, keeping your development team updated is not just an option - it's a business imperative. Our workshops are customizable to meet your organizations unique needs, ensuring that your team gains skills that are immediately applicable. 

By investing in your team's continuous learning, you're not just enhancing their capabilities; you're driving innovation, reducing project timelines, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. Partner with Kodeco and make an investment that pays exponential dividends. 

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What kind of topics do your technical workshops cover?

Our workshops span a wide array of technical topics, centered around iOS, Android, and Flutter technical skills, along with an offering of professional growth topics. We are committed to helping teams stay updated with cutting-edge technology and trends, and offer workshops for multiple and diverse skill levels.

What is the typical duration of each workshop?

The duration of each workshop can vary based on the depth and complexity of the topic. However, most of our workshops typically last at least a full day. We aim to deliver high-impact training within a compact timeframe to maximize productivity.

Do you offer customized workshops based on our specific needs?

Yes, we do offer customized workshops. We understand that each company has unique needs, so we're more than happy to tailor our workshops according to your specific requirements. We can adjust the content, duration, and delivery method to suit your team's needs.

Who are the trainers for these workshops?

Our trainers are experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields, and are part of our extended contribution team at Kodeco. They have extensive industry experience and are equipped with the latest knowledge and trends in technology. Our trainers are not just subject matter experts, but also excellent educators who can impart knowledge effectively.

How are these workshops delivered?

We offer both on-site and virtual workshops to cater to your needs. The content and quality of instruction remain consistent across both formats. The choice between on-site and virtual delivery would depend on your team's preference and the prevailing health and safety guidelines.

Can you accommodate a large team for these workshops?

Yes, we can accommodate large teams. We have designed our workshops to be scalable and can ensure that each participant receives an optimal learning experience, irrespective of the size of the group. If you have a particularly large team, we can also consider conducting multiple sessions.

How much do these workshops cost?

The cost of our workshops can vary based on several factors, including the workshop's topic, its duration, and whether it's customized or not. Please contact us with your specific requirements, and we would be happy to provide you with a quote!